My roommate is a psychology major and he recently had to read an article about bullying. He read it and told me about it, and he was pretty angry about it. I wouldn’t say I was angry about it, but I do have some distaste in what was reported. Sadly, I do not have access to the article so I cannot provide the source, and I apologize for that.

To sum it up, the article talked about how society took a look at the subject of bullying after a young homosexual student (if I remember correctly the student was in seventh or eighth grade, so middle school in the US) was severely bullied and ridiculed for being homosexual. After not being able to handle it, he took his life. I don’t recall when this happened (date and year) how. Sorry, this was all what I was told, not read, so I can’t remember a lot of it and I do apologize. Basically, homosexual student bullied and he took his life. Parents and educators started to raise awareness of bullying and began to take measures to stop and prevent bullying. Sounds great right? My roommate and I have an issue with it.

Why now? Why do they finally tackle the problem of bullying seriously after so many years of it existing? Plenty of children have committed suicide because of bullying and not a lot of effort was put forth to solve this problem. My roommate and I came to the conclusion that it was because the student in the article was homosexual.

Before I continue, let me say a few things about my views on homosexuality. I don’t hate it. I believe that homosexuals are people too, and therefore, they should have the right to not be treated any differently than you and I. I don’t keep up with political news, but a while ago there was a huge issue about legalizing gay marriage and I support it. A few years ago, I even wrote a couple papers for my classes defending gay marriage.

Back to the bullying article, my roommate and I were disappointed in the fact that it took a homosexual student to suicide in order for the problem of bullying to be addressed seriously. Maybe it’s because our society nowadays are more sensitive to homosexuals, I don’t know.

I have been bullied in the past when I was in grade school. The bully in my case was white. Of course, I reported it to my teacher at the time, and after questioning the bully, I was ruled out as a liar. In case you didn’t know, I’m Chinese.

Why was my case of bullying not addressed? Why is a homosexual student addressed, but not a Chinese student? Granted, times may have changed since then. And I didn’t go as far as consider suicide over the issue. I feel that bullying has been misrepresented. I’m glad that it’s being addressed, but I’m disappointed in what it took for it to happen.